Acts Primary School


The Primary School of Acts House of Education consists of the Foundation Phase (Grade R to Grade 3) and the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 - 6)


Acts Primary follows the CAPS curriculum with class ratios of 1:24. Microbotics, which include robotics and coding, is a co-curricular activity included in the school fees, and forms part of the Grade 4-6 curriculum. Primary school learners enjoy termly outings or in-visits as part of the life-skills curriculum, and annual outreaches ensure that they develop a caring attitude toward those less fortunate in their community. Spiritual growth is at the heart of everything we do at Acts, therefore, learners are encouraged to engage in daily devotions, biblical assemblies and worship assemblies with the worship team of Acts Church.

Guided reading forms part of the Foundation Phase programme, and dedicated learning support is available to those students who need additional assistance. Intervention classes are available for Grade 4-6 learners in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics during Term 2 and 3.

Extra Curricular Activities:

The Foundation Phase of Acts Primary follows an integrated sport and cultural programme during the school morning that include soccer, netball and softball. Little Kickers soccer is on offer at an additional cost during the afternoon.

Intermediate Phase options include athletics, netball, softball, soccer, cricket and chess. Musical Theatre, by Limitless Art, is is on offer at an additional cost.

Music at Acts House of Education:

Music lessons are available during the school morning. This service is provided by Creare Ministries at an additional cost. Learners have to option of piano, drums and guitar. Drama and vocal lessons are also available.

Dance Sport South Africa League (DSSL)

The Primary School of Acts House of Education boast annual provincial colours in dance, and also competes on national level.