Matric Class of 2022

  • 23 Jan
  • 2023

We did it!!

After one year of prayer and very hard work, the Matric class of 2022 achieved 100% pass rate.

Ten learners achieved 21 distinctions’ across the different subjects. Eighteen learners from our twenty-seven learners achieved Bachelor passes. 100% pass rate was achieved in most of the subjects offered in FET.

We are committed to work hand-in-hand with our matriculants to ensure that they work to the best of their abilities to attain the pass they so desire. Our teachers are dedicated and provide their time, additional learning resources and lessons, like winter classes, to equip our learners to receive the key at the end of their grade 12 year that will open doors of opportunities post matric.

We are extremely proud of the Matric Class of 2022!!