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About Our Primary School

Our Foundation Phase classes (Grade 1 - Grade 3) encourage learners to think critically, problem solve and analyse information. These skills are developed in all areas of the curriculum through guided learning, practical investigations and teaching support.


In the Intermediate and Senior Phases, collectively known as the Intersen Phase, learners experience significant academic, emotional, and social growth. Our aim is to foster the development of each child as a unique individual. In the classroom, we emphasize nurturing independent, critical, and creative thinking skills to equip our students to excel in a competitive world. We employ innovative teaching methods that encourage this development, offering opportunities for learners to be challenged in both creative and critical dimensions.

ICT Curriculum

Our Primary learners start their ICT journey in Grade 4 with Block coding on the platform. This international curriculum teaches our learners the fundamentals of critical thinking, problem solving and sequencing. These are important skills to have in a 4IR world.

They will also do exciting practical project to learn how electronics works:

Extra Curricular Activities

The Foundation Phase of Acts Primary follows an integrated sport and cultural programme that include soccer, netball and softball. Intermediate Phase options include athletics, netball, softball, soccer, cricket, dance, public speaking and chess.


Believing in holistic education, Acts House of Education has a wide selection of sport activities on offer, creating opportunity for individual growth and team participation. Through excellence in sporting practice, teaching correct skills and encouraging healthy competition, the sports field becomes a place of fun, achievement and preparation for all areas of life. A passion for a sport of their choice encourages physical development, builds confidence and facilitates healthy individual and social engagement. Sports offered at the various levels include: Cricket, Netball, Soccer (Boys’ & Girls’), Softball, Volleyball, Rugby (Boys’ & Girls’) Athletics and Cross Country.

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Cultural activities provide an outlet for the talented and creative learner. They often provide experiences that shape the lives of learners for the future. Learners learn social skills, interdependence, perseverance, freedom of expression and confidence through their cultural activities. They are an extremely important part of the learners' school life. Our learners are encouraged to participate in a variety of cultural activities and clubs and societies which are offered at the School. Cultural activities include: STEM club, Chess club, Debate & Public Speaking club, Photography & Media Club, Drama club, Art.

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