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About Our Primary School

Acts House of Education prides itself in their Primary department which comprises Grade 1 to Grade 6. We enrol learners from the age of 6 years old. We follows the CAPS curriculum with class ratios of 1:24.

Guided reading is offered in Foundation Phase from Grade 1 - 3. This is a small-group instructional approach which is designed to provide the differentiated teaching of reading. Guided reading supports children in developing reading proficiency, with the small group dynamic allowing them to be taught in a way that’s more focused on their specific needs, which can accelerate their progress. The elements include:

  • Working with small groups
  • Matching student reading ability to text levels
  • Giving everyone in the group the same text
  • Introducing the text
  • Listening to individuals read
  • Prompting students to integrate their reading processes
  • Engaging students in conversations about the text
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Spiritual growth is at the heart of everything we do at Acts, therefore, learners are encouraged to engage in daily devotions, biblical assemblies and worship assemblies with the worship team of Acts Christian Church.

Our onsite Educational Psychologist looks after our learners' educational and emotional needs. We provide support for our learners to deal with the challenges of school life - in the classroom and on the field. We aim to improve the learning process and educational success of our learners. The educational psychologist works hand-in-hand with the teachers and parents for the success of the learner.

• On referral from the teacher/parent, learners who are identified as experiencing barriers to learning are assessed.
• Individualised support programs are tailored made to accommodate difficulties experienced in various domains i.e cognitive, social, emotional, behavioural.
• Provide remediation programs to accommodate gaps in Mathematics, spelling, reading and or language delays.
• Provide study methods to assist during class tests and exams to encourage better results.
• Assist our teachers by providing in-house training to promote effective learning techniques and programs that are aimed at accommodating learners identified as experiencing barriers to learning.
• Assist our parents with guidance and support on how to help their child reach their potential.

ICT Curriculum

Our Primary learners start their ICT journey in Grade 4 with Block coding on the platform. This international curriculum teaches our learners the fundamentals of critical thinking, problem solving and sequencing. These are important skills to have in a 4IR world.

They will also do exciting practical project to learn how electronics works:

Extra Curricular Activities

The Foundation Phase of Acts Primary follows an integrated sport and cultural programme that include soccer, netball and softball. Intermediate Phase options include athletics, netball, softball, soccer, cricket, dance, public speaking and chess.


Believing in holistic education, Acts House of Education has a wide selection of sport activities on offer, creating opportunity for individual growth and team participation. Through excellence in sporting practice, teaching correct skills and encouraging healthy competition, the sports field becomes a place of fun, achievement and preparation for all areas of life. A passion for a sport of their choice encourages physical development, builds confidence and facilitates healthy individual and social engagement. Sports offered at the various levels include: Cricket, Netball, Soccer (Boys’ & Girls’), Softball, Volleyball, Rugby (Boys’ & Girls’) Athletics and Cross Country.

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Cultural activities provide an outlet for the talented and creative learner. They often provide experiences that shape the lives of learners for the future. Learners learn social skills, interdependence, perseverance, freedom of expression and confidence through their cultural activities. They are an extremely important part of the learners' school life. Our learners are encouraged to participate in a variety of cultural activities and clubs and societies which are offered at the School. Cultural activities include: STEM club, Chess club, Debate & Public Speaking club, Photography & Media Club, Drama club, Art.

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